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That’s the sound I make when I’m being a busy bee! And I am both busy and… well… okay, so I’m not *quite* a bee, but I am a hard-working female breadwinner who occasionally wears stripes and (secretly) dances to communicate! I think that qualifies.

Busy, busy, busy! So for those who don’t know, I’ve got a nifty new title at Apex Magazine that goes a little something like this: Assistant Editor. It basically means I get to peek into the dangerous, infernal machines that keep the magazine and book line running. Also, I’m in the process of managing the Facebook and GoodReads pages (so become a fan of the Apex page on FB and become my friend on GR!). Norwescon prep is ramping up–I think I’ve got most of the stuff ready to go… Tomorrow is final prep, packing, submissions, and getting snacks to tide me over while I lounge in the dealer’s room. If you’re going to be at Norwescon, stop by the Apex table and say hi!

Writing’s been a bit more squirrelly this week, what with NWCon prep and juggling new Apex tasks, but I’m trying to just take advantage of whatever little bits of time I’ve got. Did finally crack Scene/Chapter XIV for the novel, and even added a few hundred words to it today, too! (Miracle of MIRACLES!) It feels so good to be getting back on that horse. Shorter stuff is floating happily in a mist of non-commitment, though I did square off a Thief Dilemma scene for Chapter 18 on Monday, so YAY! Progress on that front, too! At this rate, it should only be another six months until I get that chapter finished! (I kid, I kid! I’ll get it done before the end of May, I promise. I’ll get it done.)

AND, on top of all that, I got our taxes squared away, finally. Ugh, even with the new online filing niftiness, it’s still a royal pain in the- You know. Maybe someday I’ll figure out what half this stuff actually means.

Also, Laurelwood’s seasonal Saison is delightful, and has a fascinating clove-like aftertaste. Mmm, yummy. It also comes in a Growler. ^_^

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