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They’ve finally programmed a robot (other than Roomba) to do something I desperately need help with!

Granted, we’re not quite to the evolved state of being able to do this quickly (it currently still stares at the laundry as long as I do when trying to figure out how to fold it), but someday. Someday.

I keep giggling whenever it pauses to look at the towel. I can just imagine it thinking: “What the hell is this?” and then, “This isn’t my towel. How’d it get into my laundry?” before going on and folding it anyway. (Because, really, what else are you supposed to do with a strange, clean towel? I ask you.)

That happens to me from time to time. :-)

Will post more about Norwescon/etc./etc., but I’m so tired right now. Quick highlights!:

+ Got proofs for “Memories of Hope City”
+ Met (briefly!) Cherie Priest, and she liked my coat ^_^
+ Met a bunch of Apex authors from Close Encounters of the Urban Kind
+ Laughed at parents tweaking out when they realized that what their kids were looking at was Bizarro lit
+ Hung out with Apex Editors Jenn Brozek and Deb Taber
+ Sat in a hot tub
+ Andy got a job! (***YAY!***)
+ Came home, and kitties were still alive, and had not gotten face/claws/paws/ears/tails caught in the automated feeders!(1) (***YAY!***)
+ Went to critique group & am totally jazzed to start editing backlogged fiction drafts
+ Hung out with writer’s group folks
+ Ate at Pok Pok for Sadie’s birthday, shoveled sinfully delicious foods into my mouth with my hands, and YES, it was that good. Whiskey before hand on an empty stomach probably helped, but the waiter told us it was best to eat with our hands, so there! Don’t you judge me.

– Exhausted.
– Tired.
– Need to catch up on a bunch of Apex Submissions this weekend
– Need sleep.
– Over Socialized & Grumpy
– Brain-frizzled.
– Did I say exhausted yet?

Why, oh why is it only Wednesday?! T.T

(1) The kitties have not (even Oz!) ever gotten their faces/claws/paws/ears/tails caught in the automated feeders, but I always worry about it because when the little tray is turning to reveal the new food, Oz always dive-bombs the bowl with his face before it’s done.

2 thoughts on “EUREKA!”

  1. Glad to hear you enjoyed Pok Pok! They are quite literally one of my favorite restaurants in the Northwest. You will get no judgment from me on eating with your hands. It’s the only way to enjoy Ike’s Vietnamese Fish Sauce Chicken Wings properly.

    1. It so is! XD And it was just such a nice atmosphere, too. The fact that they let you wait over at the whiskey bar I’m sure doesn’t particularly help! Haha!

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