Final Cover for DARK FUTURES!!!1!

Editor Jason Sizemore just posted a picture of the “final” cover art for DARK FUTURES: TALES OF DYSTOPIC SF (which my story “Memories of Hope City” will be appearing in)! It’s so pretty! Cover art is done by Alex Andreyev, and I gotta say, his stuff is just amazing. The colors, the layout, the haunting stare… It’s just… The stuff of melancholy dreams, you know?

I’m so psyched! Got my edits back just in time, which is lucky because I lost track of time what with Norwescon and cut it to the wire, and it’s looking good! Really, I’m super jazzed about this book coming out. For once, I’ll have an SF book to point to when/if I sit on a panel! :-D

Looks like the release date is Summer 2010, so keep an eye out for it!

You can also now pre-order DARK FUTURES from Dark Quest Books! Just $14.95 for a great collection of dark, haunting fiction by Ekaterina Sedia, Michele Lee, Alethea Kontis, Kelli Dunlap, Geoffrey Girard, Elaine Blose, Robby Sparks, Gene O’Neill, Angeline Hawkes, Aliette de Bodard, James Reilly, Gill Ainsworth, Glenn Lewis Gillette, Deb Taber, Maurice Broaddus, Sara Harvey, Natania Barron, Paul Jessup, and–of course–yours truly. O.O How exciting!

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