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What about Zombie Society?

Hi all! Just popping in for a quick point over to The Zombie Feed where all the authors of the upcoming Zombie Feed Anthology have answered contest winner Dave Johnston’s question regarding the zombie apocalypse. Dave’s question was:

“Fast or slow, flesh eaters or those who only eat brains, zombies are always pretty fun. Let’s look at them when they aren’t massing and trapping the last bastions of humanity and reducing them to red smears.

What do zombies do when there isn’t prey to motivate them? Say “World War Z” level of infestation goes ahead and wipes out humanity, do zombies establish a society? Do they take jobs? Set up daycares? Worry about 401Ks and health insurance? Or do they just sort of sit around and rot away?”

Some of the answers are serious, some are twisted, some are milk-snortingly hilarious (yes, snortingly is a word):

Read PART I of the answers here.

Read PART II of the answers here.

And check out the Zombie Feed Anthology while you’re over there! Judging from these answers, the line up should bring with it a bunch of great zombie short fiction!

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