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Writing Update: Do Over!

So despite having read Lee Thompson‘s blogpost about not comparing yourself to other writers, I already decided today–inspired by one Mr. Sizemore and said Mr. Thompson–that it’s about time to revamp the blog and update a little more regularly. :)

It’s been a while in coming, these regular updates, but I think I’ve come up with a moderate schedule I can actually stick to. Mondays (like today) will be writing updates: I’ll let you know what I’m working on, what news (if any) there is, and general updates on project progress.

On Wednesdays, I’ll be doing a series of posts reflecting on a particular source I’ve found inspirational for writing. This may discuss a specific author, music group, video game, or location—just about anything, actually. Hopefully, these will be interesting little glimpses into the writing process, and will undoubtedly have lots of pictures, because pictures are fun! :)

Saturdays, I’ll be posting with updates and news regarding Apex/Apex Magazine/The Zombie Feed to get a little more buzz going for some of the awesome projects going on over there.

The other days will take on whatever else doesn’t fit into those three areas, like general life stuff, or stuff I just don’t want to wait a week to post. :)

So since today is Monday, I’ll jump right on in to the writing update!

Got my galleys of “A Shepherd of the Valley” for The Zombie Feed Anthology which is coming out soon, soon, soon! And can I just say: I love seeing galleys. There’s nothing that makes you feel more like a success than seeing those clean, laid-out pages with font and formatting all done up nice. Here’s hoping there will be more in the coming year!

Spent most of Saturday working on edits for “Mimicry,” a clockpunk dark fantasy (with robots!), for the small press magazine I won’t yet mention until contracts are all done up and I’ve got a copy. :) Call me paranoid, but I’m so excited this one got picked up (it’s one of my absolute favorite stories of all time AND it’s hella long—like almost (if not) novellette-long) I don’t want to jinx it by saying too much before it’s totally set in stone. Sent the revision off to the editor on Sunday, and am hoping I managed to fix all the issues they needed revised! There actually weren’t too many, but I really think the changes made the story tighter, if not a whole lot shorter. I did manage to cut out 10% though, which made me pretty happy!

I also shut down a short story project that was dragging its heels, in exchange for keeping the momentum of the dark SF novel going. I promised myself (and have it on my FY11 goals list) to get the draft done by May. I’m about 12.5k in, and with work, I think it can maybe wrap up in time. I’m at least really enjoying it so far! (I was going to work on it here at this coffee shop where I’m writing this post, but the music they’re playing has a lot of screechy voices in it (think the multi-tonal voices of the worm-creatures in Ursula’s cave in the Little Mermaid), and that’s just killin’ my concentration. I’ll get my 500 done later tonight.

Also: (this isn’t writing related, but it is an update!) Andy got into med-school over on the East Coast, so we’ll be moving out that direction come end of June! :D Super excited to know that we’re finally out of that horrible application limbo: at least now we know that all the work he does going forward will actually be moving him closer to being a doctor! Hooray Andy! :D

And that’s all I’ve got for today. :)

(Oh! And happy Spring!)

2 thoughts on “Writing Update: Do Over!”

  1. Yay for Andy getting into med school! Although I must admit I’m sad that we’ll be switching coasts. We’ll have to try and meet up when I get back in June/July!

    1. Hooray! Oh, let’s do! :D Super cool about the Master’s program at UO! I’ve heard great things about their English department. :D

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