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The Daily News: Somebody’s Got a Case of the “Mondays”

Today’s session – 7:30AM-9:30AM – I had thought that if I tried to get writing a bit earlier, I could stop a half-hour earlier, which seems to be what I do anyway when I schedule for 8-10AM sessions. But this was no good.

I’m not awake enough at 7:30 no matter how much tea I’ve had, and it takes me almost an hour to warm up before getting down to somewhat anemic business. Main problem today was that I hadn’t yet thought about this scene, and didn’t really know what I wanted to accomplish. I need to re-conceive the required plot points here so I can take a few steps forward. Note to self: don’t try to write at 7:30 on a Monday. Not so good.

Mondays do tend to be a little less intense than later in the week, I’ve noticed, due to having to ramp up a bit more after not writing. That said, I had so many ideas for new stuff over the weekend, I won’t be scheduling time over that anytime soon, even if it makes Mondays a bit sticky to get started. (Truth be told, even when I wrote over the weekends, Mondays were always a bit slow-starting.)

The weekend was lovely, anyway! Went down to visit my folks in New Hampshire and spent some time with Andy’s brothers who were up for a visit. It’s always great to see them, but particularly so since I haven’t seen them for about three years since we moved to Portland, OR. It worked out well, and much fun (and fresh blackberries) were had by all. :)

This week, I’m trying to finish Chapter 19 (still untitled) of The Thief Dilemma, which should be going up this Saturday. So there you go! Another chapter (what?!)! Though today was a bit slow going, I suspect a little planning for tomorrow will help a lot. Plus, I’ll stick to my regular schedule so I don’t suffer from zombie brain syndrome quite so badly. :(

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