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The Daily News: Like a Boomerang, the Inspiration Returns on Tuesday

Today’s session – 8AM-10AM – Still had a long warm-up period today, but I blame the blog a bit for that, if only because I get so distracted with fun things for it. Like the new THREE QUESTIONS feature I’ll begin running tomorrow (8/24) with some excellent authors from The Zombie Feed Anthology.

For THREE QUESTIONS, I ask authors to answer one question from each of three categories: A general writing question, a genre-specific question (for example, The Zombie Feed Anthology authors will be answering a horror-genre question), and then an oddball random question that may have nothing to do with anything. Definitely stop by tomorrow when I’ll have the talented Kristin Dearborn‘s answers up!

But I did get 900+ words done today and finally got into the swing of the last sequence in Chapter 19. Should be a fun chapter! Oh, and I’m dying to get to 20. There’s going to be some fun stuff in 20 that have been a long time coming. Now I have to get to work, but remember! THREE QUESTIONS with Kristin Dearborn tomorrow! Check it out! :D

And definitely check out The Zombie Feed Anthology! You can get it on your Kindle now for just $2.99! Seventeen awesome works of zombie fiction for only $2.99? Come on–that’s a bargain! :D

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