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Writing With BabyAfter three weeks of getting (a little) used to having the Little Guy around, I think we’re finally settling into…well, not quite a routine (that’s a big and impressive word for the helter-skelter of our day-to-day at this point), but at least a better comfort zone. In fact, in the last three days, I’ve even gotten some writing done. WHAT?! That’s right. I got words on the page with a three week old within ten feet of me.

Now, to be fair, I didn’t get a *lot* of words, but still managed a couple of paragraphs before the mini-session of peace came to an abrupt (and usually messy/spit-upy/poopy) end, but it’s something! And I’m loving it. I feel so devious squeaking a paragraph or two in while I stuff food in my mouth because the Little Guy’s dozed off for a few minutes. Or like now: stealing a moment to blog after he crashes out on my lap post-feeding. It’s…delicious. Maybe all the more so because he could literally wake up at any moment, and then all will be finished until maybe (*MAYBE*) after the next feeding if he decides to conk out, which isn’t a guarantee.

Still, it’s so delightful to steal a few moments to write. And the ideas–oh, the ideas!–are just flowing in. There are so many things I want to work on, so many things I want to write~! But there’s no time for splitting attention. If I’ve got five, ten, twenty, or (Hallelujah!) thirty minutes–which I have no idea of knowing how long each session will be–I only have time for one thing, and I have to know what that is before I get the chance to open my computer and type. No time for excuses, no time for debating projects, no time to waste: it’s now, or probably not again for the rest of the day. It completely eliminates resistance to getting my butt in the chair, because if I hesitate, the moment might slip away.

So here’s to babies and making a few minutes of writing feel like a day’s worth of productivity!

And with that, he’s stirring and I must go for now. :)

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