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Writing With BabyAfter three weeks of getting (a little) used to having the Little Guy around, I think we’re finally settling into…well, not quite a routine (that’s a big and impressive word for the helter-skelter of our day-to-day at this point), but at least a better comfort zone. In fact, in the last three days, I’ve even gotten some writing done. WHAT?! That’s right. I got words on the page with a three week old within ten feet of me.

Now, to be fair, I didn’t get a *lot* of words, but still managed a couple of paragraphs before the mini-session of peace came to an abrupt (and usually messy/spit-upy/poopy) end, but it’s something! And I’m loving it. I feel so devious squeaking a paragraph or two in while I stuff food in my mouth because the Little Guy’s dozed off for a few minutes. Or like now: stealing a moment to blog after he crashes out on my lap post-feeding. It’s…delicious. Maybe all the more so because he could literally wake up at any moment, and then all will be finished until maybe (*MAYBE*) after the next feeding if he decides to conk out, which isn’t a guarantee.

Still, it’s so delightful to steal a few moments to write. And the ideas–oh, the ideas!–are just flowing in. There are so many things I want to work on, so many things I want to write~! But there’s no time for splitting attention. If I’ve got five, ten, twenty, or (Hallelujah!) thirty minutes–which I have no idea of knowing how long each session will be–I only have time for one thing, and I have to know what that is before I get the chance to open my computer and type. No time for excuses, no time for debating projects, no time to waste: it’s now, or probably not again for the rest of the day. It completely eliminates resistance to getting my butt in the chair, because if I hesitate, the moment might slip away.

So here’s to babies and making a few minutes of writing feel like a day’s worth of productivity!

And with that, he’s stirring and I must go for now. :)


Day 9 – Stealing for Home

Apparently, writing just after breakfast is turning out to be the most productive time for me. For some reason, right after I finish a meal, I’m totally primed to get some brainwork done. It’s rather odd, but hey–I won’t complain! Today, I managed to write the last two rewrite scenes of the Editing Project (working title, “Nobody Here But Us Monsters”), and am pretty pleased with the outcome. I think the POV shift from First Person, Past Tense (originally the New Wife’s POV) to First Person, Present, Plural (the “royal We,” though in this case, it’s actually an observing group with an unnamed narrator among them) has really improved the story overall. It’s a good chunk longer than I was *hoping* it was going to be, clocking in at about 7,400 (eek!), so there’s going to be some significant splicing and dicing to come. I’d love to get it under 6k (under 5.5k would be even more amazing), if possible, but that may be a bit of a stretch.

Next week, I’ll set this one aside to cool off a bit, and focus on cutting back an already fairly short story and see if I can’t bump it down into flash-fiction range, which would–I think–tighten up the story and give it the little kick it’s been needing. I have a market in mind for it, if I can manage to chop it down that much. After that’s done and wrapped up, I’ll pick this one back up and start on the hard-line revisions to get it into submittable shape.

Hooray, though! I’m so excited about getting back on the submitting bandwagon. It’s been too long, and I’ve been itching to get going again. And not just a story here and there every several months, either. Prior to June, I want to build up something of a completed-story arsenal, which I can then juggle around to various markets for the many months while I’m distracted by the New Little One. That’s one nice thing about long turn-around times–it keeps things floating for a while. (And nothing burns quite like an <24 hour rejection–ZING! Convenient, but painful.) If nothing else, it’ll help me feel still slightly connected to the whole writing world, even if I’m not producing much new work during that time. I want to be able to enjoy the kiddo and not pressure myself to do much beyond that.

So here’s where I get a little more serious, and discuss something I’ve been thinking about a lot as the months tick by and June–with all June implies–gets closer:

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