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This Week’s WOW!: The Coming of Uncanny


This week, former editor-in-chief of Apex Magazine, Lynne M. Thomas announced that she and co-editor/husband Michael Damian Thomas are creating a new spec fix webzine. I cannot even begin to explain to you how awesome this is, so let me hit the highlights:

1. Lynne & Michael are rockstars. Apex Magazine under Lynne and Michael was fabulous. They’re great editors with great taste and great connections. They’re also very efficient and supportive to work for. Under their guidance, Apex Magazine netted two Hugo award nominations in 2013 and 2014, so you know they know what they’re doing.

2. They’re looking for diverse voices in SF. Even before Apex, both Lynne and Michael have been devoted to bringing traditionally unrepresented voices and POV to the printed (and digital) page. Lynne co-edited the nonfiction book CHICKS DIG COMICS and CHICKS DIG TIME LORDS, among others, which sought to bring often overlooked female fandom into the light. Michael co-edited¬†QUEERS DIG TIME LORDS, celebrating LGBT Doctor Who fandom. They have great eyes for finding amazing work that in the past may have struggled to find supportive markets for the POV’s they share. This, more than anything, is why you should keep Uncanny on your radar.

3. A new market means more opportunities for a writer’s work to find a home. And they’re hoping to pay $0.08/word! It won’t be long before it’s a feather in your professional cap to have Uncanny in your list of previous publications.

So definitely check out what they’re doing over there, and do consider donating to their Kickstarter, because this is going to be one of those markets you’re going to want to say, “I knew them when…”

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