Today in Mommy-Land

#1 thing I really, really, reeeeeeally hate about winter: ridiculously chapped hands. Like…ouch. Every time I wash a bottle out, get drooled on, etc., etc. Yow. Even my mom’s extra-strength stuff is fighting an uphill battle. I haven’t had chapped hands like this since working at Haven’s in the middle of winter!

Little Man took two naps today–one right after breakfast again, and one on me around 2:00. Two-day routine streak! *fingers crossed it keeps up* It was bath day, too, so we had some semi-chilly fun in the tub! When he gets older, I’ll have to do what my mom used to when we took baths: heat up the towels in the dryer before we got out. No better way to warm up after a soak. ^_^

Also went though my already read books and I think I’ve got just under 200 now, which isn’t too shabby, considering the massive collection I had.

Sigh…my bathroom looks like one of those bathrooms on Hoarders just after they’ve gotten all the ruined magazines, dirty dishes, and empty shampoo bottles out: kinda crusty and dirty and ew. Just…ew… I need to get that cleaned up so bad… That’s one of my goals this week.

Today in Writer-Land

Not much done here, other than to issue (and receive) a writing challenge to the Great and Powerful Andrew C. Porter, which has been a long time coming. I always enjoy our challenges, because they do tend to push me outside my typical mental box. The gauntlets have been thrown, and in two weeks’ time, we’ll have something to show for it. (Hopefully…)

The actual writing didn’t end up happening, and it was my fault: I hesitated. The Little Man went down for a morning nap, and I thought–well, there’s no way this can last. But it did. And instead of starting on the WiP for this month, I chatted with the folks, made some coffee, updated my day planner, and eventually started watching the finale of The Great British Baking Show.


That, folks, is why when the baby naps, you write! Because true, they may not be down for more than a few minutes, but if they are going to sleep for a stretch, you might as well get working. Self: I am disappoint.

Also, in other pseudo-writing news, the excellent Martin Rose–author of Bring Me Flesh, I’ll Bring Hell–interviewed me on his blog! Check it out here!

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