The Sunday Circle: Evening Edition

Phew! Almost didn’t make it this week. I’m doing this on my phone, so will be brief.

This week I’m working on: Hit the end of Act Two last week, so this week is charging forward into Act Three and heading towards the big boom at Climax. I’ve mapped out the end in total, and I think I can get it done in 20-25k pretty easily. The end may finally be in sight!

This week I’m inspired by: Oh man, just started Riverdale and I’m loving it. I’ve only cracked the series, because it’s juuuuuust eerie enough that I can’t watch it home alone, so it’s been a bit delayed, but wow. I love what they’re doing with the characters. It’s a great modernization. 

Finished Master of None, and really enjoyed the end, perhaps oddly. I haven’t kept up with all the online talk about it, but I really liked how Ansari tackled the disappointed/hurt nice-guy complex.  It’s a conversation I’ve seen play out in so many girlfriends’ could-be-more-than-friends relationships–disappointment becoming blame, even from a deep down nice guy. The way Ansari displays that, I felt, was pretty spot on. I’d be curious to know how other people reacted/felt about it. (With all the unsympathetic talk, I may have been a bit primed to expect something much worse, but it’s also possible I was just blind to something!)

Also, Trevor Noah and Colbert news coverage helps get one through the week. 

What I’m avoiding this week: Just pinning down birthday details for the wee lad. He’s specified that he would like a red robot cake, and now I have to actually do it. Thank goodness for cake mixes and marshmallow fondant!

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