Progress Notes: Day 7

Chipping away at the WiP – Draft 3 of Project Frosthaven. After a few false starts, I think I’m finally starting to feel the tone for this story. While it’s still a bit clunky, that may just be my usual take-off turbulence, and I’m hoping it’ll begin to smooth out as the story gains momentum. But I’ve finished Chapter One as of yesterday, and started Chapter Two today, so hopefully from here on out, it’ll start really moving. I’m a bit behind my estimated schedule, so we’ll see if I can’t make up some of that time in the coming weeks. I’m shooting for 1k/day, and assuming I’m mostly writing only on weekdays, I’m estimating the project will hit 100k around September 6th. Hopefully, I’ll wrap up the draft long before that, but that’s my current realistic deadline.

Current Progress (blue): 6563 / 100000 words. 7% done!

Projected Progress (red): 7000 / 100000 words. Deadline Sept 6th, 2019.

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