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Deliveries, Demon, Dexter, and DiSaronno

So let’s recap! Yesterday I had my interview for the temp position. It seemed to go well–the interviewer was very nice, and I feel like I answered her questions well–but now it’s just a waiting game to see if they feel I’m right for them. At least it was comfortable and relaxed, and the drive is pretty decent. ^_^

Also, right as Andy and I were leaving (he had his physical yesterday, so I dropped him off on campus), we saw UPS arrive with an Amazon package. So I made Andy run back to the door to see if it was *my* package, which it was! YAY! I got the Jupiter book (WOO!), the Orson Scott Card book on Characters and POV (YAY!), and Octavia Butler’s Bloodchild and other Stories (SUPER WOO!!). I was–and am still–very excited. The other two should be coming hopefully next week, though Amazon has pulled it’s whole “OOoo, we don’t have that in stock anymore, but we’ll get it to you soon, we’re sure” shtick on The Posessors by John Christopher. T_T

Whatever. If they send me an email saying they won’t have it for three months, though, tough luck, Amazon. I’ll take my birthday money elsewhere (not that it’s a lot, anyway, but STILL). The three month warning is almost always a dealbreaker for me now. They pulled that on me a long time ago and I eventually had to cancel the order after six months of them insisting “we’ll get it soon, we’re sure!”

After the interview, I came home, and then me, Andy, and Kaku went to the Chiro. BBQ. It was good times! The food was very yummy, and I finally got to put some faces to the names Andy’s been mentioning. Everyone is really nice, and it was neat meeting people.

Then we all headed back to the apartment for some much awaited DiSaronno (lovely Italian liquor, so sweet it’s like desert!) and to play some Halo. Kaku and I teamed up for the co-op campaign, since he’s played part of it before, but hasn’t had a chance to get all the way through. Andy played with Kaku’s iPod Touch in the meantime.

After a while, though, even I get tired of Halo campaigns, so we switched to our main entertainment for the evening: starting Dexter season 2. YAY! I love that show. Rudy may not quite be Hannibal, but boy, he’s close. Just can’t help but like him, which is a little scary, to be honest. Anyway, the show is a blast. I haven’t seen an armadillo yet, but I’m waiting for that “A-HA!” moment. LOL ^_^ We stayed up till probably after midnight just getting through the first disk, because let’s face it, we have–as a group–no self-control for limiting Dexter episodes. All it takes is one person saying, “So…Another?” and the other two will automatically cave. XD One of these days we’re going to have to set aside an actual whole day to do a Dexter marathon.

By the way, did you like my alliteration in the title?

Writing Stuff

Alas, the one thing I *didn’t* do yesterday was get my 500 words done. T_T I’ve been so good this week, what happened? Ah well. I’m not beating myself up too much about it, due to the interview somewhat commendeering the day. Besides, I’ve been dying to read the OSC book on character development, and I won’t lie–I probably wanted to dig into that a little before trying to decide what the next step is.

In the generally positive moving direction, however, I did get my confirmation email today that my WotF entry did actually arrive for the contest. Still working to get “Mimicry” polished for this next contest term.

However, I did at least get a little reading done!

Fiction: Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
110 / 643

No progress on The High Frontier. I got sidetracked by Jupiter: The Planet, Satellites, and Magnetosphere, because it’s that cool. XD

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